The current paddling pool has been in place since the 1930s and opens six weeks of the year during the school summer holidays. The council annually reviews their budget and during such reviews the Paddling Pool is always under threat due (amongst other reasons) to its high running and maintenance costs etc. During Covid19, the Paddling pool will remain closed to ensure safetly. 

Friends of the Park have always campaigned to keep the retain the existing paddling pool and have ring fenced funds which originally were intended for a replacement Splash Pad for the paddling pool. The Friends main objective in terms of the paddling pool is to ensure that a water facility remains open over the summer months for all to enjoy. Since our last major campaign in 2016 when the friends were last informed that the pool was potentially at risk, the pool has remained open therefore lessening the need to campaign. In 2018 ID Verde took over the management of Green Spaces in Merton. A recent survey carried out by Merton indicated that the paddling pools in the borough are yet again under threat. The friends were not directly informed about this consultation (despite being very aware of our campaigning efforts) and the consultation closed at the end of July. We have written a letter outlining our concerns. You are encouraged also to make your views known if you feel strongly about this. See our letter here